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I am a PhD Student in the UK. To different people I am known as a ...
Software Engineer / Entrepreneur / Mathematician / Cryptographer / Blogger / Tutor / Inventor / Unity Asset Store Publisher / inactive YouTuber / Huge .NET fan

I've worked at one of the 'big four' tech companies; with cyber security research groups; and with several startups. I've taught undergrads and lead small teams. To put it simply: by day I'm an academic; by night I'm a programmer.

I occassionaly post more academic content on my blog, but most of my online presence is programming related. I'm open to freelance work and I'm happy to chat to anyone with overlapping interests. Feel free to send me a message.

Start Menu Manager

Free and Open-Source Windows 10 app for managing shortcuts.

  • 📁  Create shorcuts for websites, files, folders, software, commands and group shortcuts.
  • 🔍  Prioritize shortcuts in Windows 10 Search.
  • 🌎  Pick your own icons from websites or provide your own.
  • 🛠  Pin them to Start Menu, Taskbar, and more.


A brand new native HTTP Client for Windows.

Much better performance than Postman, with almost all the same features. Coming soon to the Windows Store.
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These are my most popular blog posts:

Best Packages for Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is pretty good out-of-the-box but reaches a whole new level when you install some of the great packages on offer. Below I'll list my favourite packages for Sublime Text ... Read More

Generating a MSI Installer for a WPF Application

This post serves as a tutorial for creating a MSI installer for your WPF Applications in Visual Studio. For this we use WiX (recommended by Microsoft). I assume you already have a Visual Studio solution containing a WPF Project ... Read More

What is Homomorphic Encryption?

Homomorphic Encryption is a promising cryptographic technique for keeping data private. In this post I give a short a simple summary of Homomorphic Encryption including a clear definition with an example use case in cloud computing ... Read More

Adding Context Menu Item for Windows Terminal To File Explorer

The new Windows terminal is a huge improvement over the traditional Command Prompt and Powershell. In this post I'll explain how to create a context menu shortcut 'Open Terminal Here' which appears when you right click in File Explorer ... Read More

Solution Studios

High Quality Assets for Unity Game Engine since 2014

Here are a few of my assets available on the Unity Asset Store:
Database Control Pro (DCP)
Price: $35

The perfect solution for creating online databases and a server backend for your game or app.
No Hosting, Server, or Coding required.

Race Positioning System (RPS)
Price: $15

Complete solution for calculating race standings at runtime and providing many optional features including laps and checkpoints.

Instant Dialogue System (IDS)
Coming Soon

Quick and easy Dialogue System built on top of my own Animtation System for TextMeshPro. Comes with a range of transitions and effects.

Other Projects on GitHub


Do you use Sublime Text 3 and want your favourite terminal available within Sublime? The repo contains JSON files to help you achieve this using the package Terminus. Open terminals with commands or keyboard shortcuts. Compliments my video tutorial and related blog post.
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Cross-platform C# Console app to help you create your HTML documentation using templates. Type each documentation page content into a nicely formatted text file and run the tool. It inserts the content into your HTML template and generates the complete website.
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Windows only C# background process which listens for keyboard shortcuts to open your software. Quick to setup, and saves a lot of time in the long run.
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A particle system 'snow effect' you can easily add to your website. Uses HTML Canvas. Customize the appearance (speed/opacity/size/amount) of the snow. No 3rd party dependencies.
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Some useful Google Apps Script scripts which you can copy and deploy through Google Drive. Use them to automate sending emails from your Google Account, add contact forms to static websites, and other cool stuff. See related blog post.
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And there are a few others ...

All of my projects are released under MIT making them free to use for any purpose.

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