I'm a University student in the UK. See some of my Projects below:


Coming Soon

Platform for hiring Voice Actors or becoming one.

Developers and Producers of the latest Video Games, Movies and Trailers all need voices. They need someone to read their words. VoiceAct is a platform which gives you money for just speaking into a microphone.

And if you are a developer needing voice actors for you application, VoiceAct can provide them and it fits perfectly into your workflow.

One Hour Website

Tutorial Series

Guides you through creating a good looking website using MaterializeCSS, complete with a Contact Form. Also, covers hosting with Google App Enigine. All completley free.

Solution Studios

Assets for Unity

Here are a few of my assets available on the Unity Asset Store:

Database Control Pro (DCP)
Price: $35

The perfect solution for creating online databases and a server backend for your game or app.
No Hosting, Server, or Coding required.

Race Positioning System (RPS)
Price: $15

Complete solution for calculating race standings at runtime and providing many optional features including laps and checkpoints.

Instant Dialogue System (IDS)
Coming Soon

Quick and easy Dialogue System built on top of my own Animtation System for TextMeshPro. Comes with a range of transitions and effects.


Token Exchange

In Development

Buy and sell a range of tokens or sign up for a business account and make your own.


In Development

Engine for building desktop applications on Windows, Mac and Linux. Written in C++ and SMFL. Drag and drop editor with Mono C# runtime.

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